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So as you all know, the new frag video of GC is out. And we will give some rewards to everyone who contributes for it. It took @ Krizalid  a long time to put together, and this is form of appreciation for his great work. He spent time doing it just for us, so please show some appreciation to his work by:

  1. Liking the video.
  2. Subscribing to his YouTube channel.
  3. Sharing the video on social media.


In this thread we want you to send proof that you've done 1, 2 or the 3 things. Everyone gets 100 ap for each one.

Proof can be given in any form, as long as we can tell for sure you've done it correctly. Also, please, don't just like and subscribe to get proof and claim the reward and then undo it. Show some respect for his hard work, it doesn't take you literally any time, and he will be thankful and perhaps he can do us some more in the future.

Note: Do not go off-topic. Only reply to send the evidences, and nothing else. Going off-topic will not be tolerated.

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