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Knigth 's cheater report

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  • Cheater's Name
  • Cheater's Steam ID
  • Server
    Dust2 24/7
  • Describe the hacker
    Neme in infection mode ._ .
  • Proof / Demo
  • Proof 2 (if you have it):
  • Proof 3 (if you have it):
  • Proof 4 (if you have it):
  • Proof 5 (if you have it):
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Can you explain @Ferrozo

to me if you were practicing

something like that since you converted and then did a self-slay

Can you confirm me 

Or you will be given a penalty

I reiterate this may be the case because he converted and then killed himself

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Hi @ Stay with Me , yes. I was practicing the modes and by chance I put nemesis and put my name, I transformed into nemesis and since I did not know how to take it off, I committed suicide. I won't to do it again since I know what will happen, Thank you.


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This is an admin, and he has been warned and has his access removed.

Ill be moving this to Admin Abuse Report - Warned

Thank you for the report

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