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Knigth 's Admin Application for Zombie Plague.

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  • Server
    Zombie Plague
  • In game name
    gC` Hider #Knigth
  • Country
  • Age
  • Steam ID
  • How well can you speak english
  • How many hours can you play every day
    4 or 3
  • Have you been admin before ?
  • Why do you believe you should be promoted to admin?
    In order to collaborate with the community, making the game more fun, and I will try to make it happen, sanitizing cheats and hackers, because really those guys are a nuisance
  • Link all the player reports you’ve made on the forum:
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I would give you a second chance but with what my colleagues say I would only say that for no one, I wish you good luck


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13 hours ago, Stay with Me said:

You have had scratches with me due to your behavior
For which on my part you are not very prepared
For my part it is a

Neutral +1


same here

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You have a past full of errors and once I had a problem with you about the rules that are on the server.

But you got a little better. And you understand that the server should be a place of fun and clean of cheats.

I am #Neutral.

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On 10/12/2021 at 12:13 PM, Knigth said:

How can I prove that I have changed?

In your actions, be more friendly with others, do not break the rules for any reason and always report cheats.


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9 minutes ago, Enigm4 said:

En tus acciones, sé más amigable con los demás, no rompas las reglas por ningún motivo y siempre denuncia las trampas.




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if you behavior issue you have to change it . i will say give him 2 more weeks under observation . If the everything all right then re-apply . #Novouch  for now .

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Your admin application is denied

The reasons are

You have a bad history of toxicity and not following the rules. Thats a big falling out in your case, as it is important to follow the rules and be respectful

I trust my admins and take their opinions in full thought.

Having said that, they believe you are not ready YET.

Having said that dont feel discouraged, try your best to be respectful and follow the rules and you can reapply in 2 weeks



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