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bob dz 's Admin Application for Zombie Plague.

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  • Server
    Zombie Plague
  • In game name
    pro dz
  • Country
    United State of America
  • Age
  • Steam ID
    Counter-Strike WaRzOnE
  • How well can you speak english
  • How many hours can you play every day
    5 and 10
  • Have you been admin before ?
  • Why do you believe you should be promoted to admin?
    In order to enjoy playing and identifying vandals
  • Link all the player reports you’ve made on the forum:
    I don't have any forum
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  • Leader

@ bob dz  I can't understand you at all. You just asked me to define how to become an admin.


1st - you don't have cheater reports

2nd - your steam id - really - warzone? 🙈

3rd - seems like you do not understand full importance of the admin's rank. It's not for personal enjoyment, it's for maintaining server and make it enjoyable for other players. You don't need to be an admin to identify VANDALS.




@ Int3nseKill3er




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