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JailBreak Event vol.2

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Hello dear Members.

First of all i know i am not good topic writer but lets try :)

I would like to announcement our newest JailBreak Event who is starting from 01/10/2021.

This event is like the one before i did year ago i think not sure but more bigger. We will be choosing again one Top Warden of the month and one Top Rebeler of the month basically we will have 2 winners of this event who will be chosen by our JailBreak Players.

Lets start with what will be winners getting. ( Both )

  • 50$ USD each ( thay can choose how thay want to get it paypal/steam game/donate to the community or other way )
  • Admin Rights for a month.
  • 2000$ Ingame cash.
  • Title of Top Warden/Rebeler.

Rules of the Event.

  • Your allowed to vote only for One Warden and One Rebeler.
  • OffTopic is not allowed in this Topic.
  • You cannot vote for yourself.
  • Staff+ cannot be nominated.
  • Player must be in our community at least a month to be nominated.
  • Player must be playing in our JailBreak Server to be nominated.

Form to nominate.


Top Warden Nomination:

Top Rebeler Nomination:

-This event will end at 31/10/2021   24:00h


Thats all from me for now this topic will be locked untill 1/10/2021.


ps. if someone eals wants to join our event by supporting it feel free to contact me on forums/steam/discort.


@Members @ Trial Admin @ Admin @VIP @Senior Admin @Donator @Designer @Veteran @ Trial DR @ Demo Reviewer @Server Manager @Staff @Co-Owner @Legends @Leader @Owner




best regards~

JailBreak Management Team.


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JailBreak Event vol.2 has already started.

BUT do not make me close it before it even starts i havnt see any jailbreak player in it .... So please help me revive this great mod and lets have fun in it.




JailBreak Management Team

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