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PepsiKitty 's Leave of Absence

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    GC | PepsiKitty
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    Zombie Plague
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    Don't know
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    Well I wanted to resign along with Shado but he insisted that I stay longer, but seeing ammo packs getting reset is like giving a big flip-off to regular players (yes i'm excluding people who just found the server through boost and plays 1hr and never comes back) Was fun while it lasted I guess.
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listen pepsi, firstly we have more admins who are older than you here and they didn’t say anything, what are we doing this for? of course to make the server better than it is now, zp is out of control, whenever i join zp server each spot got humans with sandbags and ak which is not fair and is impossible for zombies to win the round like i said in annoucement. There are many many many players who got free aps from us and in fact they spend around 200+ aps each round and nobody cares. 

But yeah is time to bring another atmosphere in zp server from now. Starting today and following days. And i’d like from admins to camp with other humans to make server enjoyable, to teach them how to play which never happend till now & ofc we will bring more members in gc community, I’ve noticed newbies keep running around and everyone block them and ofcourse they will quit. Zp isn't created for a few persons but for everyone. Anyways think about it, up to you!

Good day

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