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DefinitelyNotJah's Leave of Absence

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Tomorrow will mark the first day of School since this year's Mars for me.

It will not be ordinary since it is the baccalaureate year, my last year of High School, a very important event in my life.

Therefore, I will not have sufficient time to engage in GamerClub-related activities, maintain and perform my duties as a Developer. However, I will be online from time to time to keep myself updated with the news and try to catch-up if there is a vacation of some-sort.

I have to study hard because it will be tough and hard, at least, the section I've chosen. Also, did you know that the baccalaureate degree, some people may also call it the bachelor degree, is not referring to College but High School. Why? Historically, the term "Baccalaureate degree" or more commonly known "Bachelor Degree" either means a College Degree or a traditional four-year degree that is obtained through countless hours of study and hard-work? You may also ask, "that still does not mean Baccalaureate is a High School Degree".. Well, it does because High School is a four-year long term.. School year? Anyway, you may also ask for completely no reason at all, "Why are you going to be away for a while, it's only school bro." and to that statement, I say NO! The baccalaureate year typically takes 9 months of full-time study, it consists of a whole wapping 120 semester credits and encompasses around 50-80 courses of all different subjects such as Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. If The Education System uses a Quarter System rather than a Semester System due to Coronavirus concerns, I will have to accumulate over 180 quarter credits to just be eligible to ENTER the baccalaureate exams. Oh, speaking of Coronavirus, more specifically COVID-19. It really is a phenomena, a totally of Thirty Million humans beings are infected due to it on this day, Thursday 17 of September, 2020. To be more specific thirty million two hundred sixty-six hundred thousand and seventy three cases of people infected with covid-19. Hundreds of people are dying and even more thousands of people are yet to be recovered in an hour DUE to it. It first started in the nineteenth of December, 2019. A pneumonia outbreak originated from Wuhan, China. Oh! Speaking of China, the Mainland China, The Communist Republic of China! I can suggest some really Light Novels that fascinates me about Chinese' culture, they are written by Fengling TIanxuan. I recommend 90% of his novels. I shall rank them as following

  1. Legend of Ling Tian
  2. Otherworldly Evil Monarch
  3. I am Supreme
  4. Realms in the Firmament

Although the author is really fond and proud of his work, Transcending the Nine Heavens, and a lot of people recommend and even favorite it. I am not. I did not like it when I read about fifty chapters of it.

While I'm at it, here's some other novels that are really good.

  • My Disciples are All Villains by Mou Sheng Ren Zhuan Peng
  • Master of Untold Daos by 萌萌哒的铁匠
  • Second Life Ranker by Sadoyeon
  • I alone Level Up / Solo Leveling by Chu-Gong

Most of Novels ' genres I read are Eastern Fantasy and Wuxia. What is Wuxia you ask? It is about cultivating and defying the will of the Heavens. Basically Martial Arts trained to the level where the cultivator is able to split Rivers and Mountains in Half and roar in the Sky. It is a genre where ancient Warriors of Mainland China fight in the pugilistic world with supernatural physical abilities and unparalleled martial arts that are impossible to be replicated by mere humans. Taoism, it is said to be a mere philosophy to some ancient Chinese Philosopher, Old Venerable Lao Tzu, more commonly known as Laozi. It is about the cultivation of the heart and soul for the good will of people. Inner-Heart Cultivation. While Daoism, an alternative to the word Taoism, is however, the cultivation of the physique and strengthening the body. Physique Cultivation. Most of the Light Novels I read are strongly linked to Taoism, although they do not mention it directly, you can find multiple signs of Taoism and Daoism in it. The Master of Untold Daos Light Novel strongly points out that cultivators and Immortals are Daoists who roam the Pugilistic World with but a Sword or a Sabre in Hand. Although it may sound fictional. In Ancient China, back in 100BCE, even to this Day and in the Tang Dynasty, every Daoist HAD to have a Sword and a Scabbard in hand. It is used for various and multiple methods such as Martial Arts Practice, Self-Defense, Ritual-Purposes or Execution. in Taosim, swords are used as a symbolic weapon to subdue evil and vanquish spirits. A famous saying by Laozi in Taoism goes as following: "The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao". This saying arises many questions in people's hearts. First of all, what is the Tao. What is the meaning of "told" and what does fellow Laozi means by "the eternal Tao". We can start by dissecting the saying. First of all, sir Laozi said "THE Tao", not "A Tao". He followed it by "can be told". We can, in this context, judge that he's referring to all the Taos humanity, or more specifically, Chinese's folklore's, belief in Taosim. So we can safely assume he's referring to ALL TAO under the heavens. "is not the eternal Tao". Is Sir Laozi denying that the Taoism beliefs that we believe in? Or is he trying to open our eyes to a new way of Taoism. What is the Eternal Tao? Eternal is never ending, it's unrelenting, ceaseless, enduring, ongoing. Is Sir Laozi telling us to be unrelenting when it comes to our enemy? Is he telling us to be ceaseless when it comes to grasping opportunities? Is he telling us to be enduring when it comes to hardships? Is he telling us to be ongoing when it comes to our future? Who knows. What I know, is Taoism will be forever in our hearts ❤️❤️❤️ 

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