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How to get the SteamID/ValveID of Cheaters/Hackers.

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How to get the SteamID/ValveID of Cheaters/Hackers

Every player has its own ID in server, banning his ID he will not be able to join our servers. So when reporting a cheater please copy his ID and give us on your report. Below you can learn how to do it.

1-) Go to the console by pressing "`/~" it may vary from country, but generally the button below "Esc";


2-) Type status there, it will automatically show you the informations of the players who are online in the server;


3-) The ID of the player will be in the same line of his nickname, select his ID and right click to copy.

A ID looks like this: STEAM_0:1:123123123 or VALVE_5:0:123123123


Demo Reviewer Management.

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