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ﮓuperҖiLL 's Admin application


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  • Server
    Dust 2 2x2 (EU)
  • In game name
  • Country
  • Age
  • SteamID
  • How well can you speak english
  • How many hours can you play every day
    4 or 5
  • Have you been admin before ?
  • Why do you believe you should be promoted to admin?
    am a good player i Know well the cheaters for good reason to get a
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brother what has if he has 1 active ban!! it is active on the server, if it did not appear hack, there is no way to ban, I would like to see it on the blue team ...

good luck...



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He's actually very active in the server from what I have seen. He's in there basically every day. 

It's entirely up to the Dust 2 team, but I'll #Vouch for him. Active, Respectful and has the right attitude towards the community.


EDIT: what is this EU shit you be referrin' to? News to me man ^^

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You only have 1 ban active, but as far as I know about you, you are a beautiful player and also very active on the server.
is we need admins like that who honor their word of keeping the server clean

I'll give you #my vouch

Stay active
I don't wanna see a hacker on Dust2 XD

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