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  1. Bam hoe! You got this shit rockin man!! That is awesome news. Congratulations bro!
  2. Man stop complaining and learn to play the game. With all due respect there will always be an advantage if the other person doesnt know how to play. I see people complain all the time but #1 they are hardly in the servers and #2 it is always about AWP, FLASH or SMOKE. It is best to learn to play the game and outsmart the other players. I could make the same argument. Well what if someone is really good with AK or M4?? They will have an advantage over me since Im not that good and would it be fair for me to complain or would you tell me to go and learn to shoot? Thats the point of CS,
  3. @Des @Nima You can help us by looking up these keywords in Google. 1. Open a new Google search... 2. Enter any of the listed keywords exactly as you see them below 3. Scroll down or keep going to the next search pages results until you find our website 4. Click on our website and browse our site for at least 3 minutes. Keywords you can search are: best cs 1.6 servers counter strike gaming community counterstrike 1.6 gaming community download cs 1.6 original counter strike download pc counter strike game counter strike download counter strike online
  4. UPDATE::: 05/15/2019 We are on page #1 of Google almost a month later for the keyword: "Best CS 1.6 Servers" WOOHOO!!! @N1ma
  5. I, people... am not f&%king around with this BOOOOOM!! ? Page 3. In just a couple of weeks almost.
  6. Hey whats up guys, I am all for change but I would hate to see our server become the replica of other failed communities. One thing you guys should always keep in mind is that you will never make everyone happy. I guarantee that if you make the complainers come to our forum to make these changes they probably wont. They are the ones losing in any server they go into no matter what. So far I have seen the D2 server packed most of the time. So you gonna get complaints, ok. We have those complainers come into our GamerClub.net website and put their complaints here. Once you see they are the
  7. Welcome, don't hack and we will be best friends :)!!!
  8. Keyword: counterstrike gaming community Google Position: Page 5 - The SEO Team
  9. That's right! GamerClub.net is being optimized by us for the Google search results. Currently we are on the 2nd page near the bottom for the following keyword: "Best CS 1.6 Servers" Help us get to the #1 position by going to www.google.com and searching the keywords we place here. Look for our website and click on it. Browse our website for at least 3 minutes after you click on it so Google thinks the search was normal. Thanks again and we will keep posting our progress and new keywords here! - The SEO Team
  10. Name: Davis Age 42 Country: USA What is your hobbies ? My kids & Wife, CS 1.6 and Marketing (My job) How did you find us ? Ezekill (Gungame Server) Favorite game : CS 1.6
  11. Thank you Ezekill because through you I met lots of awesome folk here in this community!
  12. Can someone tell us what the exact cover size for the user profile image is? Just trying to spice mine up a bit ?
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