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  1. Gimpster my gay friend xD how long......
  2. a question @QQ. When was this demo recorded?
  3. This has already been resolved
  4. WARTS is Wami -http://dd2.hlstatsx.nfoservers.com/hlstats.php?mode=search&game=cstrike&st=player&q=WARTS http://dd2.hlstatsx.nfoservers.com/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=10393 ID STEAM_0:1:864260 He isnt an admin of dust2, I would like to know ,how he got amx access. @Wami What do u have to say about it?
  5. Welcome GamerClub/ LegendKillers Bem vinda Camila, eu também vivo no Brazil, qualquer duvida estou a disposição, abraço.
  6. eggy went on vacation lol... Fer and me r going to make the decisions from today onwards.
  7. u should have posted on suggestions and not here. but I moved to the correct location, thanks for the suggestion we will evaluate. @shado @jOe21 The opinion of all our admins is welcome too.
  8. remember, take a shower before starting the trip , ROFL?? have good trip !
  9. @cha0zMEX- Why did u disrespect him? report it here in the forum instead of offending him. @RedBuLL What do u have to say about this? Why did u ban it for wallhack and not for disrespect? @shado @咸鱼一条 (btw Eggy change ur nick, no one know chinese, lol?)
  10. Hi @GC Tuchi, Kali didnt want to do it, I think he did it by accident. @imrankalikills u should pay more attention before u make a ban, u r in the testing period, , all of this will be taken consideration. Closed/Moved. WARNED
  11. Admin removed until return. @shado plis
  12. @HeyZus Dont offend players, simply make a prohibition. Closed/Moved.
  13. Topic closed until we checked the demos. Nobody can post here, except for the SMs, Staff of Dust2
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