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  1. CaR was my name before and they banning me for evading because they thought Iam with na3em when he cheated that was too long in 2015 so .. idk why this ban is still there xd. Note i can join dd2 but zombie server can’t.
  2. In game name alpha1shot Server Zombie Plague Steam ID STEAM_0:0:172304030 Ban Reason ban evader Admin that banned you: old admin Proof of your innocence
  3. Name: Alpha Age 18 Country: Palestine What are your hobbies ? … How did you find us ? my son cousin na3em invited me to play jb in old so I joined Favorite game : dota2 ,cs
  4. Name: kaptin/kammer Age 18 Country: Palestine/nablus What are your hobbies ? nothing How did you find us ? i was here for a long time Favorite game : csgo/dota2/cs1.6
  5. looks good than before, good job and keep up work.
  6. if i saw it at first i was going to get all rewards but sadly i travelled to turkey after i finished my final exam and still living at turkey , i will back to my country at 25th so that i will have only 5 days :( ok, ok @ Hemo dont talk me.
  7. comn man daniel left and u followed to leave...... this is so bad,i was going to play with u after 1 month but when i saw that i felt bad. anyway come back soon and gl with ur life.
  8. let call fun day like saying la la la la @ shado xd
  9. this is photo ? where is my name
  10. No sorry I must sing halalalalal gay robinito when I join server and why I should I call u lord robin lmao I think u don’t deserve this rank for being us saying halalalalal moo Arab and I don’t want to follow ur rules Wanna ba nnnnnnnnnnnnn me ok me go to jb to say halalalalal gay Robinho
  11. Alpha


    I think Russian all them are higher than u smd Soviet.
  12. Alpha


    @RedBuLL give me ur car and I will give u half million doller xd
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