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  1. I will always call you nab everytime we play together
  2. Basically using d2 levels on zp, thats dumb Make a zombie plague levels instead a zombie plague 5.0.8 then, and ofc dont use d2 ranks smh
  3. hb, wanted to give you a hentai game on steam, but i couldnt for some reason
  4. Wanted to do that smh, but they said no without even read what i had to say about it and my ideas Good to know that it's fixed now...
  5. Sorry if i'm not allowed to reply here, but...at a point this is just stupid... This kind of consecutive shit situations I shouldn't even reply smth or get in here and i don't really know how they are handling it, but this is happening over and over. This need an end
  6. The only admin that plays/spec ppl the whole day and kept trying to stole my bans lul Good luck with your life, my dude Hope you will be back soon
  7. Forum Name: Chiki In Game Name: gc ' chiki #Yuri On Ice Admin?: Yes Your Absence's Date 08/25/2021 Your Return's Date Who knows Reason of your Absence Personal reasons / Life
  8. Updated Added @ Game with Me as trial admin Congratulations !
  9. Updated Added @ h4k1 as Senior Admin Congratz !
  10. Greetings GC Today I'm here to announce that we have a new ZP Senior Admin This time it will be @ h4k1 Best known as h1k4, hakai, haki, m4a1, etc Jk<3 Please congratulate him, as he has been doing a great job as admin on zp, always loyal to GC, making suggestions to improve our server and concerned with the state of the server Keep up the good work ! Congratulations !!
  11. We must add it Looks like a great map, nothing else to say
  12. Rodrigo asd


    For the momment i play Paladins only lul
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