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  1. h4k1


  2. Wise choice, always seeing people with golden ak and sb.
  3. h4k1

    JB Suggestions

    What suggestion are you doing?: Maps / Gangs, Skins etc.. Why are you suggesting this?: To improve / add more fun to the server Add here any other thing / Ideas: First of all, i'll with ingame changes ( even though the server is still in "developpement" ) : -Knife Skins should be unlockable by grinding up XP -We should have the ability to create our own customizable gang ( or even join another player's one ) -Add a parachute in the T store ( also a corkscrew aswell to oneshot a CT ) -Obviously add the LALALA Bomb ( so robin
  4. man take care in your life ! and be back asap so i can aboose you
  5. Yes, the /sb command only allow us to place sandbagsn not buy them.
  6. be back asap !! and gl with ur life noob
  7. for the /kb command there is already one, /showkeys
  8. Congratulaationns Gen !!!! Enjoy it !!
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