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  1. but will there be aspects for vip or admins? type my suggestion to switch to matrix
  2. In Game Name: gC´ Segurity Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:527708794 Current Ammo Packs: 35060 Any comments (optional): good night I need the return of my ammo packs that were restored, the amount of my ammo pakc is 35 thousand I do not have tests because I formatted my computer
  3. What happened to my suggestion, will I continue or not? <3
  4. @ Deneiker66 Seriously brother, do you know if they support me, it would be a great idea for the zp
  5. I come to mention a suggestion for the zp, we can change the suit of the admin or vip to make it look a little more perfect, since when making the change many players of the zp will notice that it is perfect and thus they will pay to acquire the suit. Thank you. @ Zombie Plague Admin @Co-Owner @ Demo Reviewer @Developer @Owner @Senior Admin @Staff @ Admin @Members @Server Manager
  6. I could help with something for the server <3
  7. I'll wait for you at my house to do the sleepover 7w7
  8. Servidor Zombie Plague En el nombre del juego gC ´ Segurity País Perú Edad 23 años Steam ID STEAM_0: 0: 527708794 ¿Qué tan bien puedes hablar inglés Medio Cuantas horas puedes jugar cada dia 6 HORAS A MAS ¿Has sido administrador antes? sí ¿Por qué cree que debería ascender a administrador? Well first of all I would like to be an administrator to be able to help take care of the zombie server, since when I return after 2 years of not being able to play zombie, there were many hacks which in the game there was no admin or Staff to ban it, if I If
  9. I'm inactive but my ammo pack is 15,000 for now I can't enter
  10. I’m sorry and I want to inform everyone that I’m in the hospital, my friend, that’s why I’m inactive but I’ll be back, don’t worry
  11. welcome to the game where it will not go out of style and will continue to grow :v Ricashu :v
  12. A small xtrem brand design is something beautiful
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