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  1. Server Zombie Plague In game name TheNoob Country palestine Age 19 Steam ID STEAM_0:1:2224041 How well can you speak english Good How many hours can you play every day depends Have you been admin before ? Yes Why do you believe you should be promoted to admin? iam active on the server and there is so much
  2. What the fuck? I didnt talk with you 1 time since i joined Iam really lost cuz i dont know the ban reason and what do you mean rude for other players like even if you see this in your ass a disrespect for my friend mr bombastic the reason should be disrespect not a ban for 1 day like i was playing with my friend which he didnt play cs for 2 years and you ruined the fun for baning me for no reason @ Daniel can you take a look at this plz ty
  3. It should be disrespect/racism where do you see any disrespect or racism this mr bombastic is my friend for a long time i invited him to play with me and i get banned fo joking with him? Its not even disrespectful like wtf ?? What i see that its a ban for no reason not a wrong reason
  4. Admin who abused: GC| Anonymous In which server: dd2 Your in-game name: dOflAMingO Your steamid: STEAM_0:1:2224041 Admins steamid: idk Evidence of any: Description of what happened: well i told him the c4 in your ass i got banned for 'Repeat Offender' which this reason is for making the same thing again i didnt even use the chat alot and i get this ban for
  5. Can you fix my life with your commands?
  6. He got it from 5alate group @RobinHood hahahahaha
  7. Just saying that the maps you need to add already ready i made a list long time ago it wont take 20 minutes to add it and i would too say why dont you make a command like the one on zp >> /get which give 100$per day Ty robin for starting this shit ?
  8. Gosleep fake pepsi
  9. i dont know how you are welling to revive this server , by inviting players? if you really wanna help the server you should have done it befor applying , or you are welling to do events? cuz last time somone did an event it was fucked up , you said you want to coordinate with other admins which this %^&@!%* already killing it more and more when they see players in it they say lets go pug and i dont know if you do the same or not iam not saying that we should kill pug but jb is already dead so when 6 players join it we shouldnt say lets go pug i just dont see that you will m
  10. If you remove the auto bhop iam in if not then go play fun server cuz this is not dr
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