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  1. Already did that, but i don't need the APs
  2. Welcome to GC!, enjoy your stay & if you need help don't hesitate to DM me.
  3. Welcome!, have fun with us!!
  4. Late but Happy birthday lazy!.
  5. We want you to come back if there is a chance, but if you want to move with your life then I wish you the best, I don't know you but I know you did work hard for GC and i'm thankful to you and everyone here agrees.
  6. May god be with you, I hope everything will be okay. Take care of yourself ya gd3an
  7. Welcome to GC!. Enjoy your stay here & let's have fun together!.
  8. I know it's been a long time but, What about the people who trained with AK or M4 or any other guns, Where is the justice for them? they try to pick and then they got shot by 6 AWPers?, How's this fair for them. Also, we said "a limit Awp using per team" not disabling AWPs. Most of the people who play day & night with AWP have key binds to auto-buy AWP & it's ammo. They're gonna be the first one who's buying it. And I'm an AWP player. When I have a low ping though. We limit AWPs because it's annoying as hell, Imagine picking and u find a rifle user, you're gonna be happy for 1 s
  9. Same, I got scammed like that when I was 13.
  10. Guys this is the guy who scammed Shark. Don't believe in anyone who says this. It's a scam. He will ask for your password and your username so he can log in. Whoever asks you for your username and password he will hack your account.
  11. Welcome to Gc!, Enjoy your time here and have fun with us!!.
  12. Bye shark, someone used your acc and tired to scam me.
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