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  1. Happy Birthday MarcoAnt!

  2. Welcome Back Girl
  3. Demo #Dirty obvious player "Gamer" using SpeedHack Thank you for reporting this hack, the forum administrator will add to this ban jogardor and moving this topic !!
  4. MarcoAnt


    Happy new year my brother tox!!
  5. MarcoAnt


    Happy new year my brother tox!!
  6. @nacho posts your proof so that dr can review
  7. player is invading the ban, thank you for informing us of this hack !!
  8. Nonsense passes in his VALVE OR STEAM ID if you do not pass your application will be denied !!
  9. soon I will be donating a steam account with cs 1.6
  10. GoOod has not measured effort to help our community, I remember it was already SM before, he knows how to act in this area, I give my vote because I know he will give his best GOOD Luck my brother !!
  11. unfortunate comment this member of the community, Goood has been a great partner in our community, has not measured efforts to help us ... did not know that you were so, so rude to the community partners, if I knew it would not give my vote to you as admin nor as test ... you were unhappy in this comment @TheShy
  12. interssante your application, I'll be giving my #vouch and remains great guy and a great professional as admin ... @FinZ
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