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  1. Bro. @ Daniel this is not a movie.
  2. lol Woflenstein. My first 1st person shooter game. Welcome.
  3. That nade wow. @ LaZy 10/10 on that dive.
  4. shado


    happy birthday @ Xtrem my brother. Glad you're with GC. Wouldn't want you in any other community.
  5. At this point I'm pretty fucking tired of this drama shit. I was getting married and the only fucking shit I'm tag up on are these bullshit drama. I'm seriously done with this shit. Grow the fuck up and play a kids game OR don't play in GC OR I'll ban you all. @ Pwnography @ Norgan stoneninja @ glowstiq
  6. I will be getting married this Sunday on 8/29. See you next week HOES.
  7. Now the freestyle rap to CS: @ 10:18
  8. I love rap and this rapper is probably one of the best I've seen. Watch him freestyle to a Valorant gameplay. Starts at 18:07
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