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  1. account banned... @na3em forum l'm sorry. yes me sovld duck mwheelup+mwheeldown idiots me troll prank non-hack
  2. cheating ok me how you i see Me, explanation makes sense, but still we can't tell it apart from hyperscroll/macro since in all cases your duck button is always on when you're gstrafing. Looks like we have to add a new rule preventing any way of spamming +jump or +duck, including mwheelup and mwheeldown combos. It's unfair I know, but we have no way of telling the difference between it and hyperscroll and macro. Sorry for the inconvenience. Your ban will be removed, but please avoid using mwheelup+mwheeldown at the same time for the same action (both +jump or both +duck). A change of rul
  3. Name: N3 <--- real nomer3 Age 16 Country: Palestine What are your hobbies ? say Welcome -rep or +rep you will Hey :D yes me ? +rep?you? funny ... people tell hacking me gstafe idk toxic :) How did you find us ? server normal Favorite game : Cs1.6 + GTA 5 + roblox (Child) ;-;
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