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  1. Good luck: Spanish: ñ I hope you come back fresher Have a good college year
  2. thanks for clear @ Ren
  3. Squid Game Rickroll_720P HD.mp4 Pro Squid Game Players be like __720P HD.mp4
  4. i agree why no talk about of your problems
  5. So, you started the multi infection mode And you used anti, then eren I shot you bomb and I insult you because you were the first zm or something like that I don't understand
  6. It's been several days and I don't have an answer
  7. I do not understand why users do admins applications, without having the requirements that is a problem
  8. @ Int3nseKill3er I would like to know if you agree or not
  9. I see that the server has repetitive maps, so I want to know if these can be added cs-2959-zm_restart_v3.zip cs-3120-zm_five.zip cs-3379-zm_rats2009.zip cs-3398-zm_assault_gamesites.zip cs-3538-zm_cubeworld_mini.rar cs-3570-zm_dust_happy.rar
  10. Does not accomplish the requirements Denied Admin Requirements please read
  11. Welcome do not forget that in the forum you must speak English ;) Bienvenida :D
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