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  1. I think antidote bomb and this desert eagle are a bit too much for our mod, but who knows if many players request something then we might consider adding it. also update#2 concerning sb/lm, you can place them again on top of humans just like the old ones. Players apparently are having difficulty adapting to not glitching their teammates (lol) so we allowed them to be glitched again.
  2. It’s alright, I just didn’t know that vampire should get HP on kills too. Should be fixed now. Thanks for your offer :)
  3. Because vampire zombie should only get extra HP on infecting, not killing. Should it also get HP on kills? @Xtrem
  4. After discussing with the other staff, we decided that sandbags shouldn’t be planted on top of humans, only zombies. So you can place sandbags on top of zombies now. Also concerning what you said about sandbags following your cursor slowly, it’s the exact same system as before. The sandbag always goes where you’re aiming, whether the preview has caught up or not.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Personally I don’t think it’s as bad as you are making it seem. The sandbag turns red when it’s almost guaranteed going to be glitching someone. Nevertheless I added auto-unstuck to prevent those things from happening, and maybe we can allow sandbags to be placed on top of humans/zombies again. I will discuss this with the other staff.
  6. I don’t want to take all the credit alone since you guys also were there and helped me fix a lot of things. Thanks for giving me a chance to join GC, and thanks to @Xtremand @Danieland @BloodyPro for helping me in making this update a success. Here’s to more in the future :)
  7. Just tried the accent and the bug isn't happening. Can you please confirm if you're still having the same issue @ Knigth?
  8. Well I’m not sure if this is the case but looks like the bug is happening because of the accent in his name, will confirm tomorrow.
  9. Thank you guys for the warm welcome, even though I haven't been here for long but you guys already make me feel at home <3
  10. Hey everyone, i’m captain or cap for short (no cap). I like ZP so I play here from time to time because it’s one of the few servers that are similar to what I used to play a long time ago. I played ZP for ten years which give me a lot of time to improve my cheats errr skills. I’m just a one trick pony though; I rely on sheer luck and prayer when playing other mods. I am usually friendly but some people can get on my nerves quickly so please forgive me if I get salty all of the sudden sometimes. I never get mad without a valid reason. So far I met pretty cool people here and I’m looki
  11. In game name ABCD Server Zombie Plague Steam ID STEAM_0:0:176769118 Ban Reason Scripting Admin that banned you: gC`KnigtH Proof of your innocence auto.dem I have 300 fps
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