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  1. Forum Name: Ren In Game Name: GC | Eren Admin?: Yes ZP#1 Your Absence's Date 9/12/21 Your Return's Date idk Reason of your Absence Private
  2. lgk_zm_clusterFUK-20000.bmp STEAM_0:1:611777758
  3. I will mis u @ LaZy ..i will mis our moment with Chikita REEEEEEEEEEEE
  4. im sorry manny i just wrong ban ppl actually is not u but someone else yeah its my fault i apologize once again
  5. Ren

    Happy B-day Chiki

    Hbd Chikita :]
  6. Ren

    Rip River

    i know him he never said rude words,yes and i'm confused to why he never join server zp[1 month ago],yes and i turns out,he dead peace greetings to you @ riVEEEEEEEER
  7. what's my mistake ?, is there any mistake i said there ?
  8. so what do you mean add RC and QS math ? something like that already exists on another server
  9. Well my opinion about this i think i don't need this,it's like imitating another server ,all i want is to fix bugs in zp like zombies get frost but he still can hit sb,and also add auto-respawn in zp,that's all what i want
  10. Congo @ Chiki i hope u always rocket me in game...
  11. i won't forget u launched rocket on zp we gonna miss you...
  12. Congrats Xtreme,well deserved
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