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  1. I was playing normal in the ZP and suddenly a certain gost told me admin of obvious paper he said it in Spanish I leave the demo so that you see you will see an insult but this hard a lot, this man urges me every time I had already banned it but I return because it lasted 30 minutes, I would like to give him lasting ban [G.C] [K] _[Gh0sT_X] VALVE_1:0:791925353 12 02:27 116 0 @ Stay with Me @ Zombie Plague Admin pesado.dem
  2. @ Xtrem already fulfilled my 100 ap please
  3. Forum Name: FERROZO In Game Name: [g|C]|ELMASTERPRO Admin?: Yes, but is trial admin, ZP Your Absence's Date 19/10/21 Your Return's Date I don't know Reason of your Absence I need time, I don't want to have any more problems, apart I am starting a new cycle at my university, but I assure you that I will return, I would like you to pause the trial admin, because when I return I will have a lot of time
  4. @ Lil Twin 21 in Multiple infeccion no infeccion normal
  5. Actually I don't want to have problems, I just banned a scripting, and it just came back from another device but when it saw me it left, what I want is to do my job well than stay as admin
  6. Look bro, I did not read you sincerelyI I did not understand you well in the part of the auto-behop player, I did ask, heme is helping me a lot and I thank you, I will read the rules again, thanks
  7. Yes! What you said is the same thing that happened, but I already warned 3 times to not insult me, and ban
  8. Look, this man had already warned him about 3 times to not insult me, already in the other game of multiple infection 3 we started as ZM and I used anti which I have done many times even in the presence of admins, I was fed up with his insults, he had been patient with him
  9. #No Vouch Trialadmin2weeks no, bro to begin with, you don't know English, second you haven't reported 5 hackers, today you insulted me, you also insisted that I give you mode, I almost gave you ban because you insisted me a lot, complete the requirements, read them well please
  10. nooo @ LaZy you always gave me to learn many things brother, I wish you luck in your life and that you prosper brother, if one day you decide to return I receive you with a big hug for me you were my best admin. BYE LAZY
  11. @ PrO BaDBoY thanksss that will help me a lot
  12. Please could you put the commands for the Zombi Plague admins, because I only know some, please @ Zombie Plague Admin
  13. this photo shows that my friend was on Gold Nova 3
  14. @ Dr.ICE @ Daniel @ Sharky @ Xtrem
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