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  1. Is it because Bloody is son of GG Dani?
  2. You used to be admin in here.. Old beast is back!! #VOUCH
  3. Happy Birthday Hemo!!!! I'm going to give you a gift and buy you more cakes!
  4. Hey welcome back! Glad to see you again.
  5. Welcome brother! Enjoy the stay and have fun playing in our servers.
  6. Wow,one of da best player is here.. You are very smart player in my experience while playing with you. Idk if you remember me lmao. Well anyway,welcome to GC bro!
  7. I'm sorry but I don't think I have trust on you anymore.. But we'll see how it goes.. For now.... #NEUTRAL Also, h4k1 is kinda busy with life I guess.
  8. Take care bro.. We will wish you the best.. Good luck with your life..
  9. Same with me.. The activity in zp is good.. I didn't see you abuse anything.. You did a good job as an admin.. I'll also give you my vouch.. That's pretty much I have to say and goodluck buddy. Sorry,I'm still sick and that's why I didn't reply yesterday..
  10. Oh it's you..I thought you are just random Veteran. I saw you are donator admin and so far I didn't have any problem with you.. You seems like a nice person.. You did a good job as an admin in zp.. And, you also good and respectful player. But, try increase your activity to 3 hours (if you can). And right now,I didn't have much to say because this what I see and my experiences while playing with you For now, I will give you my vouch. #VOUCH Good luck.
  11. It will be fix soon.
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