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  1. I remember when the server was always 32/32 and 1 year ago they applied that of resetting the ammopacks to 0 and the result was that many people were lost on the server. I think this could happen again.
  2. I left here a capture when they had already returned the ammopacks
  3. In game Name Christian #CS Steam ID STEAM_0: 1: 579882144 Text Hello, my ammopacks had already returned to me after they all restarted, but a few days ago the ammopacks were reset to 0
  4. Nickname: Christian #CS STEAM_0: 1: 579882144 30 000 ammopacks
  5. Hi all. I went into the zombie plague server today and also lost all my ammo. (25000 ammopacks) Nick: Christian #CS STEAM_0: 1: 579882144 This is my link where my STEAM name / id is: http://gamerclub.gameme.com/playerinfo/6216 I only have this photo when I was still around 16k.
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