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  1. It is English speaking community. What exactly are you asking?
  2. Dr.ICE approved the submission
  3. Please discuss everything here
  4. Updated Added @ dancingf0x as perm admin Removed @ rogerioaraujo as of inactivity
  5. Nice compilation @ Venom018 . just question who is this guy? @ Xtrem change my name pls
  6. @ bob dz I can't understand you at all. You just asked me to define how to become an admin. 1st - you don't have cheater reports 2nd - your steam id - really - warzone? 3rd - seems like you do not understand full importance of the admin's rank. It's not for personal enjoyment, it's for maintaining server and make it enjoyable for other players. You don't need to be an admin to identify VANDALS. Just COME ONN! @ Int3nseKill3er
  7. Topic goes to the trash. @ NA3 gets ban
  8. So @ NA3 your previous account was banned and you decided to make new one. Give me at least one reason not to ban you again......?
  9. Same question: wait what?
  10. All the best! Come back asap
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