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  1. Can u ban this guy, he evaded his ban + still using his aimbot....thank you.
  2. Welcome Back and Nice to Meet You.
  3. CS 1.5, cs 1.6, csgo, l4d2, call of duty: modern warfare 3, battle field 3, SAN ANDREAS, RF Moonlight, Flyff, PLANTS VS ZOMBIES and Y8 good game poker. Alfheim Tales Online, MU , dota 2 and more.
  4. i should've seen that one coming well, RIP 120k ammo packs to me ...oof :v never used it lmao.
  5. Welcome To GC! Enjoy Your Stay! ?
  6. Welcome to GC! Enjoy Your Stay! ?
  7. Sad, you forgot to add your little magic in your AUTO SCRIPT BHOP. The demo is so clean that your using auto script bhop. its even shows that u immidiately turn off fast your script bhop. deducs50.dem
  8. Welcome to GC! Enjoy Your Stay! ?
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