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  1. Forum Name: PepsiKitty In Game Name: GC | PepsiKitty Admin?: Zombie Plague Your Absence's Date Now Your Return's Date Don't know Reason of your Absence Well I wanted to resign along with Shado but he insisted that I stay longer, but seeing ammo packs getting reset is like giving a big flip-off to regular players (yes i'm excluding people who just found the server through boost and plays 1hr and neve
  2. Giving 1 Day for players with over 20k to spend it all some even with 40k+ so not cash money
  3. And there goes all the seasoned players leaving with more unexperienced rulebreakers joining, rest in peace
  4. What kurre said is in the admin rules if some of you didn't know. That's why if you have seen older admins playing they always warn by csay or tsay first. Someone blocking for the first time (cause they're new to the game and don't know how to play) doesn't deserve a ban.
  5. Lmao I learned about this shit when I was like 11
  6. Didn't I show you how to bind already?
  7. Let's get one thing straight here. Before I was even admin people already called you out for being abusive. Hell my first forum report was about you abusing. So don't tell madshit about them not teaching me how to be a proper admin.
  8. You want a demo for zombies not trying? Hell the ban will be over before you put up an unban request with the DR's approval.
  9. You got a 5 minute ban for not trying, cool wait 5 minutes and it's over. The problem is you're not even supposed to be admin so I therefore can enforce rules on you. But oh no! you had admin access and banned me as a revenge?? that quite proves your incompetence doesn't it?
  10. To prove you're lying about me banning you just for "pleasure" @DIHKUN was online and saw the whole thing
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