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  1. Yes, I can, but I will no longer have problems entering like the other time that it was for steam?
  2. sorry for the inconvenience, sometimes I'm a complete idiot, if I can play that day
  3. can it be at 5:00 pm? I say, I have classes at that time :c
  4. in game name: Sky Steam ID: VALVE_1:0:596365217 Any comments (optional): I have been a member since September but I lost my first account and created this second account, but I had not realized this topic xDD
  5. @ ramb012 1. You are nobody to tell others what to do and what not to do. 2. Learn to respect, they are talking about other things, more important to take time to respond to you and put up with your arrogance. 3. Please stop now, everyone is trying to solve this problem and as they have already said, IT IS NOT YOUR TIME FOR YOU TO COME SAY WHO DOES THEIR JOB WELL AND WHO DOESN'T! 4. You are not even trying to get people back so that the GC goes back to the way it was before, so STOP BELIEVING THAT YOU KNOW EVERYTHING, BECAUSE IT IS NOT AS YOU SAY. 5. The fact that you have all day free to walk around seeing what others are doing, does not mean that shado is also free all the time, understand: SHADO ALSO HAS A PRIVATE LIFE TO TAKE CARE OF, NOT ONLY GOING TO BE FROM IDLE TO BE SAMPED ALL DAY IN THE GAME. EVERYONE HAS A PRIVATE LIFE TO TAKE CARE OF AND STILL TRYING TO SAVE THE GC, UNDERSTANDING IT AT THE FUCK AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE THINGS HERE ARE, THEN YOU CAN GO TO ANOTHER COMMUNITY.
  6. She is very beautiful! Make sure you know CS 1.6 and belong to the GamerClub:D
  7. And maybe there won't be a stat system for players who stay afk all the time? xDxD
  8. If you allow me, I also want to give my opinion about it: 1. You said in another post that you were excellent speaking English, well, it doesn't seem like it. 2. It is IMPOSSIBLE (and I write it in capital letters so that you realize what I mean) for an administrator to ban for no reason and put an absurd reason like the one you say. 3. If you want to go, just go, whoever is bothered by something just reports and voila, he does not start making a post of 1 hour of reading that one, it shows that it has been invented. 4. She was supposed to report to an administrator, I don't know why the hell she ended up saying that they "hired her" in another community and she ended up getting out of context. That it goes well is its own community and in the others that it belongs. ATTE: Skybluexd Greetings from Ica-Perú
  9. Happy new year GC family
  10. I would also like to give my opinion about the admin "Debarshab", this admin cannot see any zombie player far from some human player because he starts giving like a thousand slaps. And if you are afk for a long time it also gives you slaps and if you don't react it gives you slay. When we are in the middle of the round, they vote to start some mode, the vote is therefore accepted by all the players and when the round is about to end, as usual, there is always one last human left, who is well hidden, then he begins to say: "if they do not kill the last human, I will not start the mode", "the human dies, start the mode", "the human does not die, there is no mode" and once he did not start the mode, because they did not succeed find the last human and did not initiate the mode that had already been voted on.
  11. Welcome to GamerClub.NeT. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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