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  1. The only thing that is dumb here is your reply, if you don’t like it simply ignore and deal with it.
  2. Hey everyone! I would like to announce that we're updating ZP for the very first time, and we have put alot of thoughts & time on this update! Alot of people have asked for the update, and we have heard you. Thanks everyone for your patience and of course thank you admins for the hardwork you do in the server/s! What does this update contain? 1. The first feature we have here is an Level System. We are using the same rank names since we thought it would be simple and better, and of course the level requirements are different obviously. The more you grind, the
  3. Welcome man! Hopefully you’ll have a great time here
  4. Daniel


    Happy birthday xtrem!! Wish you all the best in life mate
  5. Please do not use the tag like that. If the management comes up to a decision, we surely will give out the opinions of this thread.
  6. Man, life can be so shit to be honest.. May his young soul Rest In Peace, may god give his parents strength to endure this pain that I cannot imagine. None deserves to die this young. Today is a bad day for GC and for the people that know him.
  7. Hey everybody. I’m here to say something that I wish I would never said but, this is where my journey ends in this community after 6 years. The reason of this is that I will need to focus life, studies, and everything else in real life. I tried my best to make schedules about them, but there’s just too much to do and I can no longer manage this community alongside the great people in this community, which is everyone. I honestly wouldn’t think that I would have to resign. The first community I have joined was LgK in 2015, and honestly I was happy that I joined a community, because b
  8. Hey everyone! I'd like to announce that we re-opened the JB once again after a long time, this JB is different compared to the last one we had and things are much different in this server! There's alot of new features in this server which im hoping everyone will like of course. However we will still do constant updates on the server to make it more balanced as it is right now and also hotfixes, we dont want the server to be 1 sided, we would appreciate every suggestion made by every single person made in this community towards the JB, depending on how the suggestions are changes can be ha
  9. Welcome to the community! Hopefully you have a great time in here
  10. welcome back for the 100th time, lets see how much you'll stay now
  11. Congrats my dude!! Wish you both a happy life!
  12. Good luck in your life, hopefully everything goes well. Whenever you want to come back again the doors are open for you.
  13. you really came back from inactivity to post this shit?
  14. I would agree on limiting the awps, the VIP suggestion is insteresting aswell but we need to discuss with the staff team to make it balanced. Yes, I’m also aware that the AWP restriction suggestion has been denied a lot of times aswell. The decision is up to @ shado and @ ferr since they’re the ones taking care DD2, this reply of me here is just an opinion.
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