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  1. Hey everybody. I’m here to say something that I wish I would never said but, this is where my journey ends in this community after 6 years. The reason of this is that I will need to focus life, studies, and everything else in real life. I tried my best to make schedules about them, but there’s just too much to do and I can no longer manage this community alongside the great people in this community, which is everyone. I honestly wouldn’t think that I would have to resign. The first community I have joined was LgK in 2015, and honestly I was happy that I joined a community, because before I didn’t know that there were actual communities in CS, just servers. I have met great people in this community which honestly is just so good, and I’m glad this is my first and the last community I joined. There was one time that I thought of myself, “damn, I think it’s impossible to become an admin in this community” and one day in 2017 it was the first time I actually became an admin in counter strike which was JB. Then later on I started moving up by ranks and I actually managed to become owner which I actually never expected to reach. I’d like to thank @ jOe21 and @ Des for recruiting me for the first time in this community, without them I wouldn’t of made it here where I am right now, honestly. They taught me how to manage, teach, and taking care of an community, without that I also wouldn’t be here right now. The most credit goes out to these people. I’d also like to thank @ shado for working alongside me as an owner, we went through a lot of shit in this community, but we never gave up on this community even on the worst times ever, which i can’t even describe how great that is. We re-opened GC in June when it was closed because we didn’t want the work of everyone to go to a waste, and much more other stuff aswell. I also would like to thank the rest of the staff+ working with me, it was a great pleasure working with you guys, really. And lastly, which of course I don’t forget, I would like to thank all admins, DR’s, and server managers for keeping this community alive with the great work that you guys have been doing always, and it’s not just work, but it’s also you guys being loyal which is absolutely important, keep it going everyone. Now that I have resigned from this community, I need someone to take my spot as an owner to keep this community alive and well, and that person is @ BloodyPro , there is no other person in this community right now that can keep up with my rank other than @ BloodyPro , what else can I say about this noob, he’s been very active and very helpful on developing the servers, we mostly used to talk on how to make the servers better, fix them, and lots of other stuff, even tho he works a lot in real life, he still has time for this community which is great. I hope one day when I come back to this community, I hope it’s gonna be alive and well! -Daniel
  2. Hey everyone! I'd like to announce that we re-opened the JB once again after a long time, this JB is different compared to the last one we had and things are much different in this server! There's alot of new features in this server which im hoping everyone will like of course. However we will still do constant updates on the server to make it more balanced as it is right now and also hotfixes, we dont want the server to be 1 sided, we would appreciate every suggestion made by every single person made in this community towards the JB, depending on how the suggestions are changes can be happening! On the other hand the requirements of being an JB admin has been updated also! The old rules still apply on this server however, make sure you check the link down below, its important to know the rules of JB if your one of the players that plays JB! Along doing the announcement of Jailbreak, we have decided that @ Albertoto is going to be our JB Server Manager since he's the most experienced person we know in this community that are active at the moment! He's also loyal and a great person also which plays a big part in to this community of course, @ Albertoto is going to work alongside the staff in charge of JB and he's going to be taking care of the server health & traffic! Welcome to the yellow team @ Albertoto glad to have you with us! TTT is also on the way to be a server in this community soon!
  3. Welcome to the community! Hopefully you have a great time in here
  4. welcome back for the 100th time, lets see how much you'll stay now
  5. Congrats my dude!! Wish you both a happy life!
  6. Ammo packs given. Have fun!
  7. Good luck in your life, hopefully everything goes well. Whenever you want to come back again the doors are open for you.
  8. you really came back from inactivity to post this shit?
  9. I would agree on limiting the awps, the VIP suggestion is insteresting aswell but we need to discuss with the staff team to make it balanced. Yes, I’m also aware that the AWP restriction suggestion has been denied a lot of times aswell. The decision is up to @ shado and @ ferr since they’re the ones taking care DD2, this reply of me here is just an opinion.
  10. Daniel

    D2 Rework.

    Hello everyone. I'd like to announce that we are re-working our D2 after a very long time, the reason of the re-work is because we think that its a good change in most aspects. However unfortunately the xp received in-game will be reset again because of the rank re-work aswell. The new D2 will be more competetive in lots of aspects aswell, it was also requested by alot of players and it was supported by the higher ups in this community. The new ranks are similar to the csgo ranks which make more sense than the current rank names we have right now, the higher the rank you get the more killings you need to do in order to rank up. I will be posting more information down below. Oh and i forgot to mention, the statistics are not reset! Its similar to the old D2 we had! Here you will see the CSGO ranks that the server will use from now on. Starting from Silver I to global elite. For example you just got promoted to Sliver II, and if you die afterwards again without killing someone you'll be demoted to Silver ! again, which means you'll lose xp when dying. Which makes the D2 more competetive. The higher rank, the harder it is for you to get promoted. Down below i will post the rewards of everything. Killing someone you receive = 3xp Killing someone (Headshot) you receive = 4xp Killing someone with a knife, you receive = 7xp Planting & Defusing the bomb = 4xp Suicide, you lose = -10xp Getting killed by someone, you lose = -4xp Getting killed by a nade, you lose = -5xp Getting killed by a knife, you lose = -7xp Credit goes out to @ BloodyPro thanks for making it possible! Thanks for everyone for reading and have fun in-game & and the rest of the info is in the game! Also if there is any problem there, please let us know! There might be problems after the update which is normal.
  11. Glad seeing you back man
  12. Lexa, I thought you were better, but it seems that your clueless as that other guy. Shado has been a key to our community, if it wasn’t for shado’s boostings we wouldn’t be here replying to this thread. My job might be neutral for now since I’m not that active like before, but I don’t have to be in the servers, instead I look out on the forums and stuff. But before you bash someone’s name, please be active and do you job right, on the first reply I did on this thread talking some people being inactive and all that, your one of them. The work the owners did here through the whole time, your work is nothing compared to theirs, so step your game up if you want to remain a staff and stop saying nonsense.
  13. Hello there. You must be a newbie in here, well I don’t blame you because you no have idea what was going on in this community long ago. The owners here have different kind of jobs to do, we are 3 owners atm, let me tell you what the jobs are, shado takes care of the boosting, oldgamer takes care of the servers, and I do over watch the forum activities and admin+ activities and any other issue that the players have, not mentioning everything else. And our co-owners also have their perspective job aswell and they’re doing a great job. But I’m not mentioning their jobs because your one confused player who jumps into conclusions. Since you want to see us doing our jobs, here I will do my job now If you want to see it, you have a broken the rule where creating multiple accounts is a banable offense, which means I’m banning you for doing it. Also we don’t care if your leaving or not, there’s plenty of other communities where you can go.
  14. I agree with shado. Also what I would’ve like to add is that I’ve seen some people slacking after getting new ranks, I’m not mentioning names, but if it keeps going like that actions will be taken towards these people. https://www.gamerclub.net/index.php?/topic/134-ranks-and-roles/ Check your rank and see what your responsible for, I’m looking forward on seeing everyone do their own job as long as they have their perspective ranks.
  15. Accepted. Make sure you keep the server clean of hackers, if you have any questions ask me or any staff+. Closed/Moved.
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