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  1. happy wedding bro i wish the best for you and your wife, you're the best leader this community could had and you'll be a great husband i got no doubt. i would have marry you as well but you refused :( miss ya and all the fam here at GC Ezekill
  2. vouch for 2 weeks trial don't disappoint me bro
  3. thanks for joining us and welcome to GC ! Enjoy your stay buddy ?
  4. nice to see you brother..i miss that good ol'time working with you. ?
  5. woooa i missed that post ..thanks all for the good words..ill do my best to help the community ..
  6. nice to meet you gabriela ! have fun at gamerclub :)
  7. woaa my very first friend at Lgk so happy for you man @oLdGamer well deserve bro you're the man ?
  8. thanks guys i'm very happy to be back with all my good old friends and new one's ofc and i will do my best to help the community again
  9. Name: Ezekill Age ** Country: Canada What are your hobbies ? just a quick introduction for those who don't know me . I've been through many positions at LgK from admin to SM then staff. I made a lot of boost for the gungame server and managed to keep it running and populate. I also helped with the transition to GC when shady betrayed us and closed our forum. Then i had real-life problems and had to disappear for like 7 month but here i am to help out with the forum a
  10. why do you say that ? Chilli Can you provide your steam Id and explain why you made 2 accounts with almost the same email @Chilli Palmar @Chilli Palmer
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