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  1. LaZy come on man, Who Imma gonna mention now on chatbox. :( Good luck with your life buddy, Take care yourself. A waiting for you return.
  2. @ FERROZO If you needed help with your admin, Access or anything. Just ask for it, I'll be here for you if you need me. Also @ Hemo Already posted the Topic.
  3. Kick/Mute the guys with bad mic who is making noises/spam. I suggest adding "/mute" on d2 like zp.
  4. Do you play san andreas multi player aka SA-MP?
  5. Welcome to gamerclub, @ Trinx . Feel free to ask anything! Enjoy your time on our servers, Forums.
  6. 4th, October. Is my bestie's birthday day too :) Happy birthday both and hbd to my bestie!
  7. Good luck with your life, And take care of yourself. Waiting for your return.
  8. Welcome to GamerClub, Enjoy every moment with us :)
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