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  1. Just wanted to remind you that he passed away on 21st May, 2021. Rest in peace brother.
  2. You already made an unban request. Trashed
  3. Well, when your admin was removed you actually turned into someone else. You kept disrespecting players and admins like our zp admin marry. However, Your admin was removed for ur behavior last time and i still see that ur behavior still shit. But maybe u can change but for now i will not vouch for u.
  4. YInx, You were a good player on Deathrun, No idea why you were advertising on the server. Anyway, The story you're saying "I got server virus" is totally a big lie. I don't beleive it. In fact, I've lookedup your IP on the ban and here and both of 'em is the same. @YeeyWould you like to add something ?
  5. I totally agree that they are bored, Most players on both modes just hide and camp like chickens and it waste our time until the round ends.
  6. He's not trying. Ban added Closed/Moved.
  7. I agree with ultras, It's so annoying. It will be better if it go disabled when you're a zombie. Don't worry you can still use it when you're a human. That's my opinion.
  8. Both players are trucing. Thanks for reporting. Ban added as well. Closed/Moved.
  9. Request is denied. Closed/Moved
  10. Honestly, I didn't knew this. However, Since he was disrespecting GC team then you will not get my vouch for unban.
  11. The demo shows that the player is using aimbot. Ban added as well. Thanks for reporting closed/moved
  12. I would like to give him a chance to proove that he has changed. Also captain knows him, And i trust captain. I wanna give him a trial unban. If he played well, Become a loyal member and never made problems with anyone on the two weeks then he will be unbanned permanently. Vouch for unban.
  13. Your rewards are added. Enjoy. @LaZy& @ esteban. Closed.
  14. Active bans (1) Date Player SteamID Admin Reason Length 20.02.2021 DS I RED DEER I EZ VALVE_1:0:1917332742 GC | Enigm4 Autobhop/Bhop Script multiple offense Permanent
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