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2v2 tournament sign up

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hello guys
we are happily to announce an 2v2 tournament where everyone can join in and fight for the win  !

here is the catch. everyone is allowed to recommend their own teammates for the 2v2 . however the recommended teams will be run through with our management  to check if is fair or not

to sign up please write in the following standards. if you do have a partner please write down his name with your submission and make sure both you and your partner agree to be on each other teams so there wont be any altercation same name showing up in two different teams  


Your in-game nickname:
Your Timezone:


the tournament will progress in a different and new way.

-the tournament will be played in a best of 3 since the games are short and fast

-every team will be playing their best of 3 in a single day 

-winning team from first group will be played the winning team from the second group

-the winning team will move on the loser team will be eliminated 

the management team will be keeping track of everything if you have any question regarding to the 2v2 tournament and also scheduling please message @ Xtrem  @ Hemo  @ LaZy  plans will be rearranged for you and your team

good luck everyone 


@Members @ Trial Admin @ Admin @Senior Admin @Veteran @Legends @ Demo Reviewer @Server Manager @Staff @Leader @Developer @Co-Owner @Owner

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  • Staff
Posted (edited)

Current Members List: 

  1. Hemo
  2. Xtrem
  3. Lazy
  4. Pokyis
  5. Daniel
  6. Frenzey
  7. Zexter
  8. xAXATO
  9. Engim4
  10. Hades
  11. Venom 
  12. Dakkak
  13. Shado
  14. Sky
  15. dr.ice
  16. GoOoD
  17.  Lone Wanderer
  18. Chiki
  19. 中国人民解放军
  20. freet
  21. adxm
  22. mero
  23. sander
  24. junior venezuela 
  25. tojo_ninja 
  26. savke 
  27. angryface
  28. bloodypro
  29. smok3
  30. lindo
  31. maffy
  32. cky
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Posted (edited)
Your Name In-Game:   GC|Enigm4
Your Timezone: GMT -5
Edited by Enigm4
Is -5
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Posted (edited)
Your Name In-Game:Hades
Your Timezone:UTC-3

goood luck to all

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25 minutes ago, Lone Wanderer said:

In-game Nickname 1: Lone Wanderer
Time Zone: EDT

In-game Nickname 2: Randomizer
Time Zone: EDT

Welcome to GC @ Lone Wanderer .

Glad to see you finally joined xD

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