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  1. That clip was obviously photoshopped and edited heavily!
  2. I think I have at least 100 headshot kills and probably 1000 knife kills on you @ .jen
  3. Looks awesome, nice job!
  4. Hope you get everything figured out. I don't know who I am going to make fun of now that you're leaving...maybe @ Xtrem or @ Hemo Best of luck
  5. Tf am I gonna buy a sticker for? How about you donate a sticker and put it on @ Soviet ass
  6. Congrats @ Hemo
  7. ferr


    Get fukt @ Soviet
  8. I still think we should have gotten you a dildo. Maybe next time
  9. Congrats @ Dr.ICE well deserved!
  10. Who the hell decided a Friday? Does no one work? lmao I should be okay to play unless work gets in the way.
  11. Good luck small pp @ Chiki.
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