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  1. Damn what is up with your ping and fps? LOL
  2. @ Hemo Proud of ya :D.
  3. Congrats @ GronEdson ik you'll do a good job
  4. I mean I did ask some of the staff and bloodpro if I could again, I wanna be admin again because I got blocked 5 times in one day after finally coming back to the game lmao. I wanna make sure it doesn't happen again, but other than that I haven't seen a cheater so that's a good thing :D. I have to otherwise my asian parents would beat my ass Nice maybe we can play sometime if you're in asia ofc Ayyyyyy sharkk wassupp lmao long time see no. Man where u at? xd Don't delete meeee And yeah ty, it's good to be back heh
  5. I suggest capping your fps to atleast 200 or 300 (depends on server) if you have low ping on the server you can use 1k max but if you have above 200ping you can only use 200fps or you'll lag like crazy. Trust me I know, its a curse for us 200ping players I wish I could have more but that'd mean I'd have to move closer to the server location
  6. Name: Sappy (Old name lmaoo) Age 15 Country: PH What are your hobbies ? Playing games cuz I'm a no life lol. I know some of yall already know me but this is for the new peeps that registered this year. Also.. im back :D well tbh I still got school but it should be over soon nice to meet ya How did you find us ? 2 years ago just scrolling through server list I think Favorite game : osu, csgo, css,cs1.6, apex and lots more
  7. Hey heyyy was playing zp today and yesterday and it seems the ol rule breakers are back huh? One of em had the guts to actually go infront of me and block me lmfao. Only admin there was HJ but he didn't have his access yet. Would be nice to actually show these guys not to break rules even when there are no admins. Oh and btw that fenix guy is back and blocking again
  8. rip fps on this map lmao I see bunny hax pls ban!!11
  9. Inappy


    This guy really just made a thread for this LMAO
  10. Welcome welcome welcome back ?
  11. Well I guess he thought that a dude named sappy was unworthy of even being messaged because I didnt get any messages. Damn I wanted to have some fun with the dude. Ah welp hope everything gets sorted out and im sorry ur acc got hacked shark (but then again it kinda is your fault aswell for being a dumbass :D) jokes aside I really do feel bad so I really do hope you get your account back or a new one
  12. Forum Name: lmaoo In Game Name: lmaoo | GC Admin?: ZP Your Absence's Date June 29, 2020 Your Return's Date Maybe next year depends really when I get the free time Reason of your Absence Well to be honest I was just gonna do this later when my school actually starts but my cs is being a bitch to me right now and I dont know how to fix it anymore. Also my classes start soon (online classes sucks ass) so yeah. I had fun with everyone here and I even made lots of new friends. Thanks for everything I wish yall the best and goodbye ?
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