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  1. I've reviewed the demo. Ronny: Trucing, #Dirty. I wasn't able to get the name of the ct with him, but they weren't attacking each other. Thank you for your report @ Sharky
  2. Thanks for your report @ReY Meliodas. I'll review it as soon as I can, I just need some missing files.
  3. Hey vaktoo, thanks for your report and don't worry about the skins we don't see it and only you can since we don't have the same m4 models as you (atleast I don't since I don't see it) Anyway I've reviewed the demo: AlBoo: Auto gstrafe #Dirty. It doesn't seem like he strafes a lot and he goes fast with just 60fps which is amazing. He also used antidote as first zombie which goes against the rules, double dirty. Try spectating in 1st person next time because usually it's easier to tell that way ( well for me atleast xd) Good job @Call Me Dave @ Demo Reviewer
  4. LMAO someone donate this man a steam acc with cs
  5. I have reviewed the demo and here is the result: He is trucing. #Dirty, trucing isn't allowed. It would've been nice if you also gave the name of the other guy as they are both teaming Thanks for the report ^^ @ Demo Reviewer
  6. I was really happy and excited while reading all the new updates and fixes to the server. Thank you for your hard work and time spent to help and fix the server. We really appreciate everything you guys have done for us ^^
  7. I will review it tomorrow as I am not on my pc. Also, @ Knigth you can't be chatting here.
  8. Hey, I kinda liked the music you were playing in the dust 2 server, way to get your team pumped xd I'm sorry all that happened to you. Welcome to GC, if you have questions or need help feel free to ask anyone here.
  9. Hello, I reviewed the demo and it's #Clean for me. 100 fps is actually perfect for bhopping, I also tried this in the server with 270 ping and 100 fps max I can do the same thing. Also the demo is pretty short, which also only have bhopping in it I don't see him gstrafing. @ Sharky
  10. Hello everyone I am making this topic to greet a very special friend of mine that helped me get to where I am now and has always been the same friendly and amazing person I know. HAPPY BDAY @Hemo!!!!! I'M SORRY I WAS LATE I REALLY HAD PROBLEMS D;. This man has helped me and I think it's safe to say he has helped a lot of other people too and this community. Thank you for being the same hemo I know and not changing, and thank you for your hard work and everything you've done for me and for everyone here. You've been a really great help and member to our community and I just want to thank and co
  11. Honestly I think he just wanted to play at the time because it was a good break from his work xd
  12. I think at this time he didn't apply yet since when he applied I was alr perm admin. Also @ Sharkywas only admin here I think or also applying LMAOOO
  13. Hey guys I just wanna do a lil throwback to when I first got my admin, not by trial, but through winning a contest :D This pic was taken back in 2018, and as you can see all the old people are here ;D. Everyone in this pic (including fireboy cuz he sucks) got wrecked >:D I remember working very hard for this contest and beat everyone just as a normal player because I didn't want to have to go through the whole trial admin thing and ban checks, so I became super admin instead :D (And from there I immediately became fireboys new boss because I had more flags than him and
  14. Aww noo I really wanted to get to know you more now that I was part of the dr team too ;(. Goodluck on your university and studies. I hope everything goes well and I wish you the best gazi, get that graduation for me ;). I hope you get everything you wanted and have a nice life. And don't worry about us, we will take it from here. Thank you for your work, dedication, loyalty and above all just you as a person. I hope to see you back soon not only as a responsible man that needed to go to take care of his irl responsibilities, but also as a good and hardworking member of our community and our f
  15. Idk ab the rest but I can definitely confirm ab fireboy. Welcome back sharp ;) Hope to see you back with your rank
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