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  1. Welcome to the community!! Enjoy the stay with us!!!!
  2. Congrats bro.I hope you go to honeymoon xD. But seriously congrats!!!!
  3. Wtf is this?I can just nade you 100 times If I want too.
  4. Welcome welcome.Enjoy the stay.
  5. Cya.I hope your maths this time get good
  6. I love that mouse.Buy me one and I'll pay for it.
  7. Enigm4,teach me how to good at AWP.
  8. I would really appreciate if you make me once Fadi.Can you make it for me too?
  9. In zm_cubeworld,sometime pros always use jumper zm to go to left side to infect/kill human.Which is pretty dangerous I could say.And also,in lgk_laboratory(I don't remember how to spell that map)zombie use in boost to go to another lower boost(yellow thingy if you saw it).And sometimes,human just doesn't realise that will happen.But I don't know about the map zm_hydro. Anyway,I realy like your suggestions.
  10. That picture was realy sick!Very cool.
  11. Welcome fadi.Enjoy the stay with us!
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