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  1. Forum Name: Nines In Game Name: Gc nines Admin?: Yup Your Absence's Date 5 months now Your Return's Date Idk tbh Reason of your Absence Hey y’all I been inactive for a minute now as y’all can see. Really busy with life atm so I’m resigning ? hopefully back soon
  2. Nines cuz my cousin (not a close one) that makes music and shit from London’s name is nines and I look up to him and shit he’s the dude on my profile pic btw
  3. Welcome to gc !! Enjoy the servers ?
  4. Welcome and enjoy ur stay bud ?
  5. Welcome back!!! and keep blazing yo ? ?
  6. Been Inactive for a while so really can’t vouch but y’all seem to kno him so I’m with whatever decision y’all take ?
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