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  1. Happy Birthday UNPeaceKeeper!

  2. This feels like a deja vu. It´s nice to see you again, Edson.
  3. UNPeaceKeeper


    I´ll take Central Park in monopoly if you have it.
  4. What´s up, SON1K. Welcome to the club.
  5. It´s sad cause I just filled a form from college in pretty much the same way and I didn't even notice until it was already too late lol.
  6. As the wise Lao Tzi once said: take care, bro, and kick their ass.
  7. You scared me, mircea. I read the title and I thought you´d leave forever. Hope you do great in those interviews, man.
  8. Hey, Rabbit. Hope you have fun here.
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