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  1. Forum Name: [email protected] In Game Name: GC | [email protected] Admin?: Admin i am zombie plague is end. Your Absence's Date Now Your Return's Date Never come back again. Reason of your Absence Today I have resigned because I am dead tomorrow and I know that you are the best people, help each other, respect each other and love each other. that's all my notification to you thanks may god bless you all. Amen.
  2. The map is good there is a Gamer Club symbol too hh, Thank you Rabit for showing your intention, Thx.?
  3. Thank You Shado i am very Proud of You?
  4. Ha h A ha hhh it turns out that it's a joke too hh. xD
  5. Bruh Bruh Bruh I see my names [email protected] hh nice.
  6. Name: [email protected] Age 18 Country: Malaysia What are your hobbies ? I like to play with this zombie outbreak because I've been on zp and I enjoyed it and it was so much fun and so I'm a new member on the gc server. How did you find us ? find other people in gc have to follow what they say they say there is something right so that this server is not affected by cheating and blocking and auto bhop so that zp is safe.
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