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  1. Hi i also lost my aps and unfrtunatly i dontt have any pic but plz help me i would be greatful in game name:SON1K ZOMBIE PLAGUE GAMERCLUB APS TO BE RETURED 900 Steam id:VALVE_1:0:2055107269 plz take action
  2. thanks all the admins i love u all
  3. Name: SON1K Age 14 Country: Pakistan What are your hobbies ? playing computer games How did you find us ? oh i watched a lot of videos of cs1.6 zombieplague gamerclub.net all what was intresting that u guys had all the server zm escape knife bink dust i play all your servers and had fun and i loved all of your servers and are still playing all servers but love your zm plague server Favorite game : cs1.6
  4. hello all the staff and the other people i heard a lot about all your servers and i tried all of them and all seemed pretty good just wanted to say that i wanted to be a regular member of your server so i wanted to introduce myself to all of u people on the website thanks ???????\ \
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