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  1. Admin Added @TetrixKitty let me know if it isn't working.
  2. Okay, I removed the semiclip and the autoslayer and fixed the amx_ss hud msg. @RedBuLL
  3. Welcome back bro #NeptooN
  4. You aren't alone ?
  5. I will see when I wake up tmw but damn no one told me that the auto respawn isn't working.
  6. jOe21

    Unban all

    did it happen again?
  7. I thought he is a trial admin in GG only anyway this guy is the most active admin in GG and he used to help us a lot back when GG maps were bugged so he got my vouch that's for sure
  8. @Specialist if you didn't reply within 48 hours, your request will get auto-deny.
  9. @oLdGamer what's going on here, he is hacking or not and why is it denied and he is still not banned on forum
  10. ?????? still, need more thoughts here and @Fireboy if you didn't edit your application and make it looks decent it will be auto denied.
  11. take the application seriously plz.
  12. @ArianAmini @Alexia thoughts, if there are any other admins tag them plz.
  13. lmao yo, @Nima @Shiro I am just joking, ofc vouch he is a great guy and used to be a jailbreak admin for a long time and DR as well so yeah ?
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