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  1. Forum Name: KoSMo In Game Name: gc' Ko$Mo Admin?: zp/d2 Your Absence's Date 07.03.2021 Your Return's Date idk Reason of your Absence l'll be leaving but not sure how long. the reason's mainly work/study related.
  2. "h a [D] o [W] s" 17805 VALVE_1:0:1169941287 he said that he lost his ammo few minutes ago
  3. congratulations well deserved
  4. Greetings, l'd like to share my opinion. To start off, enigma is right that sometimes admins could accidently push the wrong butten, in that case, admin should apologise. since in the swarm round l was focused on trying to get zm to attack, l can't say whether Debar slaying jambo was correct or not. ( but @ debarshab if you just apologised like enigma said, situation wouldn't had escalated quickly). @ jamba l've seen you on the zp server with many names and to be fair, your toxic. after debar slayed you, you kept calling him "moron" and "retarded" few times while you were asking him t
  5. Forum Name: George In Game Name: GC | Ko$Mo Admin?: Admin Your Absence's Date 22/7/2020 Your Return's Date prob 2 or 3 weeks Reason of your Absence l wont be home for like 2 or 3 weeks and l cant be active on servers.
  6. shark, did your steam account got hacked??
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