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Hey everyone!

I'd like to announce that we re-opened the JB once again after a long time, this JB is different compared to the last one we had and things are much different in this server! There's alot of new features in this server which im hoping everyone will like of course. However we will still do constant updates on the server to make it more balanced as it is right now and also hotfixes, we dont want the server to be 1 sided, we would appreciate every suggestion made by every single person made in this community towards the JB, depending on how the suggestions are changes can be happening! On the other hand the requirements of being an JB admin has been updated also! The old rules still apply on this server however, make sure you check the link down below, its important to know the rules of JB if your one of the players that plays JB!

Along doing the announcement of Jailbreak, we have decided that @ Albertoto  is going to be our JB Server Manager since he's the most experienced person we know in this community that are active at the moment! He's also loyal and a great person also which plays a big part in to this community of course, @ Albertoto  is going to work alongside the staff in charge of JB and he's going to be taking care of the server health & traffic! 

Welcome to the yellow team @ Albertoto glad to have you with us! 

TTT is also on the way to be a server in this community soon! 

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Thank you very much for giving me your confidence, I am going to give my best to make a TOP server in CS 1.6, a reference  in JB. I hope we all make a good job as I am not here alone but I am surrounded by a big great team so from now on let's work!!

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13 hours ago, MaffyOZ'z said:

@ Albertoto  most experienced person " my b*tt

what dose he know about jb pff




jk my mate 😛 keep on growing ❤️ 

I was waiting for this day for long time 😄❤️ 

hahaha  omg thank you very much man, join to jb !!! i wanna play with you ¬¬

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