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Umm..I am not sure if this a server mechanic but, my ap just went from 4k plus to 150 the moment I logged in. I am very aware that the ranking just for reset, yet I saw some players retain their ammo packs despite the reset. Is it because my acc got linked to my game or there are some other things that I fail to consider? Either way, I hope this shines a light on a possible situation (hopefully not a serious problem), thanks!

Also, I noticed this "mechanic" wherein buying an ak gold(3x) and a akm(2x) stacks their overall damage, I learned this from a fellow player and I am not sure if this works on the silver m4a1. Yesterday, I played a game with 2 admins online at aztec_infinity. I asked them if the "Golden AKM 12" is legal multiple times, to which I specifically got no reply.(The admins can speak English, proven by them talking to the other players).

Curiously, I tested it since a fellow player was doing it without penalty, and spoiler alert: It worked. So I would conclude that using the 115 ap rifle is somewhat legal, and I would assume this is not the cause of the reduction of my ammo packs.

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If you are unaware or not sure of anything if its legal or illegal feel free to read the rules as everything regarding zp sv is there.

Buying golden ak47 and akm in the same round is considered a glitch that multiplies your dmg beyond what we intend to be the max.

Also i'm sorry about you losing your aps but if there are no proof of you having the 4k aps by a photo or demo we cannot help you.


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It seems I have discovered the gist of the situation that I have been experiencing. Unfortunately, the evidence I have accumulated is very vague and requires a certain amount of consideration. This footage was taken today (tonight in my timezone) and is hopefully easy to vouch.

I have found that despite running on the same application, my first account (One of the top 10) is different from what I have currently (what I have now correlates to my GC account). What's more surprising is that the former is also related (somewhat) to my GC account, which I believe is evident when I received 1000 ammo packs a few days back from a handsome individual (shado <3).

What happened is that my current acc seems to be more dominant than my former and is now that one I am currently inclined with.



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