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  1. Everything is fine in the database. There is probably another ap saving plugin running alongside the db one, will check.
  2. gC`Knight #Team Hop is guilty of abusing his admin powers. His permissions are stripped.
  3. Hey. I have noticed there have been some people who has been abusing their powers in our game-servers, especially Zombie-Plague, I'm not naming anybody, I just want to say: Rules apply to everybody no matter who. This is a warning, and next time, if somebody abuses their power, he/she will be mercilessly stripped of his permissions and demoted to a lower ranking/position no matter what his/her contributions and merits to the community. @ Zombie Plague Admin @ Admin @ Classic Admin @ Demo Reviewer @ Dust2 Admin @Senior Admin @Server Manager @ Trial Admin @ Trial DR
  4. Although I am not a ZP developer, I will definitely take a look at the issue tonight. I will try to fix what I can out of these problems, but I guarantee nothing.
  5. To be honored by your peers is incredibly gratifying and I am so thankful to my colleagues across the league for this recognition. I'm also grateful to the talented and dedicated coaching staff I work with every day in Toronto. To be recognized with an award that bears Michael H. Goldberg's name is very special. Memorial Day is all about celebrating the lives of the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. The United States is made great because of their heroism. Their lives are remembered, honored, and celebrated by all of us, including the friends, family, and
  6. missed u a7a 😞 

  7. I've noticed & been informed that a lot of players and active forum users are not quite fond of the new theme. So I would like to bring to light that you are able to switch back to the old theme. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find a "Theme" text/button. It will be in the far bottom right if you using the new theme (which is the default one), or it will be in bottom middle if you are using the old theme. Vulpes - is the default, modernized and new theme that @ Nima added couple months ago. Copy of main for tests (Crude name IKR) - is the old, cool
  8. Hey. I made a Discord Bot that specializes in INFOSEC. You can use to aid yourself in a CTF challenge, improve the security of your site or really just have fun. Here is the invite link to where the bot at : https://discord.gg/7sQWkzX Just tag me so I can grant you temporary membership/subscription. I will attach some pictures so you can get an idea about what the bot does. It's a really helpful tool, especially for CTF solvers.
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