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  1. Still can't plant on default location in de_inferno. This has been broken for 5+ months. Simple fix delete the map and put a new map in there. Lazy dev's shame.
  2. oXide


    "suppose to suck my nuts" ?
  3. So since the dev's said they are being active again, I'll try posting here again and see if it works. 1) HLTV recording live pugs either to an accessible gamerclub.net subpage or to the user's private cstrike folder. 2) Stat-track for the pug serve with accessible gamerclub.net subpage
  4. Hello, as you all know I like to play in the pug server. The pug server has had many issues over the past that have slowly become fixed and the time it takes for these issues to be fixed has been a real problem, especially trying to go through the forums to get the issues done. We have submitted multiple requests to have the maps updated in the forums. It took about 3 months to get this simple 10 minute problem fixed. It then took another 3 weeks to get the dead talk updated. Both of these issues were fixed outside of forums contacting multiple developers who aren't even in charge of the pug s
  5. It would be cool if the developers could just add a stat track to the server. I've seen so many other pugs with it.
  6. Server PUG In game name zoi | oXide Country USA Age 32 SteamID STEAM_0:1:9005875 How well can you speak english Excellent How many hours can you play every day 2-4 Have you been admin before ? Yes Why do you believe you should be promoted to admin? No Link all the player reports you’v
  7. sv_deadtalk 1 . It's that simple boys. Put it in the pug server.
  8. We have a PUG server lol.
  9. Get some for videos on my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/oXide13
  10. ban mircea for real. that is the only improvement i have ?
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