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  1. This will be my final post on this matter and I'll let the higher ups decide with the viewpoints on everyone's side. 

    A) He called me a racist asshole in his original post.  I don't see how I'm a racist asshole.  I don't even know a thing about GizMoe.  Where he is from, what country he lives in, or anything of that matter.  And I believe all of the higher ups of GC know that I am also Korean and have had to deal with racism personally.  So, I don't understand where this accusation is coming from.  

    B) How in the world am I out to "get him" I have no idea whom he is.  How can I possibly be out to get someone I know nothing about at all?

    C) Why are you calling people kids and attacking them personally?

    D) What does one vs one-ing each other have anything to do with this situation?  This has nothing to do with a person's skill in CS 1.6, this is about how two admins were talking to each other on the server.

    E) All Mircea asked was that you not rebuy or buy multiple nades.  Here is an example that happened today that is somewhat similar.  I was killed in T spawn after 1:15 had passed.  I asked the individual what they were doing in spawn as spawn camping isn't allowed after they died.  They informed me they were crossing as they got pinned out of long a.  I took no actions because they informed me they were not breaking the rule we have with no camping T spawn.  If you truly didn't re-buy, you could have just informed Mircea that you weren't rebuying and that would be the end of it.  But instead you decided to react poorly.  

    How would you feel as an admin, if told a player to not break the rules and they told you to shut the fuck up?


  2. @goood

    The reason was Mircea stated he was rebuying nades in the middle of rounds.  You get 1 set of nades, you aren't supposed to rebuy after the round starts for more nades.  So players don't end up with the ability to flash 4 times and throw 2 HE nades.

    Also Mircea was most likely trying to say "I'll HAVE to ban you" for breaking that rule.  Mircea didn't ban anyone in this situation.  I am the one that took actions and did the ban.

  3. On September 12th around 12:45 to 1:00 AM CST I was playing in the DD2 server.  During this time GizMoe and Mircea were both on CT.  Mircea was trying to awp mid and asked GizMoe to stop smoking mid so he could awp.  Gizmoe continued to smoke doors the entire time, it seems to annoy him.  Either way, I have no problem with this.

    What I do have a problem with is the following, Mircea informed giz to stop rebuying nades.  I cannot confirm if Giz did rebuy nades to continue to smoke mid or not.  I wasn't recording and there is no confirmation of it, however it is an unspoken rule that you don't spam nades that we have in the server.

    As a server manager I expect all admins to follow ALL the rules and enforce them.  So if another admin is breaking one of them, I would expect another admin to call them out on it.  Just because you are an admin doesn't mean you get to break the rules on the server.  The rules are in place to ensure everyone has the ability to have fun and keep the rounds moving and fair.

    GizMoe's response to the situation was tell Mircea to "stfu" and also threaten him to have his admin removed if he did enforce a rule on the server.  He then called Mircea a noob as well.  Overall I found the entire situation disrespectful and decided to ban Gizmoe for 2 hours for being disrespectful.

    He then proceeded to come on chat, which is clearly shown on the forums and say Mircea banned him for no reason.  Which is not the case.  There was a specific reason for him to be banned.  When I tried to explain to him the situation and how I view it from my standpoint he was defensive and seems to just be playing the victim card.  First buy passing off the blame stating that is how they always talk to each other.  Which doesn't seem to be the case.  Also he is stating I banned him for racism, which I explained to him I did not, the ban is for disrespect.  Even after informing him of this, he provided an update and I quote 

    "the rules. Mircea asked me like 3 times, i didnt respond because mircea has control issues as we all know. So what does mircea do? He then says gizmoe stop rebuying or ill ban you...(i didnt rebuy shit)...so i say stfu ill have your admin removed..because im not a sucker you will not lie on me to get your way...NO ONE will!...sounds like a cop to me or something..whatever so then defofchaos bans me and says im racist. The end. Shado please discipline these kids."

    He even admitted to saying "okay it says disrespect/racism"  He is trying to turn the situation to something it isn't.

    Overall the point is, I am the server manager, two admins were having a dispute or argument about a situation, but when a potential rule is being violated I expect admins to talk like adults to each other in a respectful manner and explain what is going on.  This is not what happened and resulted in Gizmoe being disrespectful to another admin and I took action.

    I stand behind my ban on the situation and have attached the screenshots of the console of the chat.  

    An interesting note as well, Gizmoe's point of view is that he doesn't answer to Mircea.  When I informed him that he reports to me, he specifically stated he doesn't as well.  Since he is an admin and I am the server manager.  I am confused on who this works in GC then.  Do the server admins not report to the server manager?  Does Gizmoe feel he is entitled and doesn't have to report to a SM about their actions?  

    Overall, his attitude in game as well as in chat is very negative and not a positive one.  I ask that Staff and Owners reconsider admin privileges of this individual because this makes us look bad as a whole when admins are being this disrespectful and threatening to take another admin's powers away in a PUBLIC forum such as chat in the server and chat in the message boards.  

    I would like to make it another point that Gizmoe feels like admins stating they will ban another admins is disrespectful.  If another admin is breaking the rules I do expect them to be punished just like any other players on the server.

    Also I quote "whatever now im banned for standing up for myself..typical in this country."

    What does he mean by typical in this country?  Is he referring that I live in a country that doesn't allow this?

    My final piece is the entire thing was not handled properly by GizMoe, he should have just informed Mircea he was not rebuying and that would have just ended that piece, but he felt as if he could Mircea to "shut the fuck up" and "ban me and ill have your admin removed" because he believes he is protected.  He called up and out to shado to "Shado please discipline these kids."   Whatever reasoning he has to believe his actions are correct and justifiable is beyond me.

    PS. When Mircea was informing him to stop smoking mid.  Mircea asked in a polite manner.  I don't have the screen shot of it, but he was saying "Giz please stop smoking mid" That is all that Mircea ever said to him about that in which I saw.



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  4. No one suspected of using aimbot, you got banned because of wall hacks.  Mero was in spec watching you as other people complained about you tracing them through walls.  So he watched while I baited you around corners.  One specific part where you were outside b tunnels and I was inside B on the way to the bombsite.  I was against the wall pretending to jump out and you shot almost each time, timing my jump to peek out at you.  

    You say you have played for so long, but never have I seen someone who's played for 17 years run around with their awp zoomed in as a method of traveling from one location to another.  

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  5. Freestyle,

    You still need to get the 5 reports in as a rule to gain admin access in D2.  I know your a great player and you should hopefully catch some quickly.  Would love for you to play more and be an admin at D2 but at this time I need to deny the request until you get those 5 reports in for the dust 2 server.

    So hunt them real quick and re-apply in 2 weeks. 

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    • Cheaters name
    • Cheaters steamID
    • Server
      Zombie Plague
    • Describe the hacker
      Trucing, after being told several times not to and they continue to do it.
    • Proof / Demo
    • Proof 2 (if you have it):
    • Proof 3 (if you have it):
    • Proof 4 (if you have it):
    • Proof 5 (if you have it):
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    • Cheaters name
      GC | Hemo's son [Mo'Gu]
    • Cheaters steamID
    • Server
      Zombie Plague
    • Describe the hacker
      First he was glitching on a map with a landmine that prevented you from getting in and did not take it down.
      2nd he was purposely blocking as a zombie twice after being told not to
    • Proof / Demo
    • Proof 2 (if you have it):
    • Proof 3 (if you have it):
    • Proof 4 (if you have it):
    • Proof 5 (if you have it):
    • Thanks 1
    • In game name
      Tripa Seca
    • Server
      Dust 2
    • Admin that banned you:
      Pwnography 'gc
    • Proof of your innocent

    Pwn accidentally banned him when doing something, I don't know.  I can't amx_unban him in the server so can someone please unban him through web or whatever?

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  6. @JihadHey man hit me up on steam at DefofChaos and I'll get you the gift card.

    For EVERYONE ELSE.  This is still open.  Since the model that got knifed isn't Big Smoke's model it isn't what I am looking for.  So there still is another $25.00 steam gift card bounty on Daniel's head.

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  7. 20 minutes ago, Red_DragoN said:

    Ok here comes my opinion, brace yourselves.

    Fun mode with like Deagle, knife.. only is a big -1 because as I said a few weeks ago PEOPLE JOIN DUST2 FOR EXPLICITLY DUST2!!        -Besides, we have Fun Server already.

    About VIP system free trial from time to time, that already would be good and would motivate people to be active and even donate for full time - who knows?

    Parachute and double jump on Dust2 is a bad idea because that map has no boundaries so people may abuse it to keep jumping on top of buildings and shoot people while they can't see them.

    Good VIP suggestions are free AR weapons (AK & M4 including Deagle, grenades, and kevlar+helmet), maybe some double XP per kill and kill assist.


    It would still be dust2 just with a limited weapon for 1 hour.  Fun server doesn't have de_dust2 in its rotation, and also its a good cross promotion to that server.  As well why would free AR weapons help anyone in the d2 server?  Everyone gets 16k money so they can just buy those items anyway.

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