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  1. This will be my final post on this matter and I'll let the higher ups decide with the viewpoints on everyone's side. A) He called me a racist asshole in his original post. I don't see how I'm a racist asshole. I don't even know a thing about GizMoe. Where he is from, what country he lives in, or anything of that matter. And I believe all of the higher ups of GC know that I am also Korean and have had to deal with racism personally. So, I don't understand where this accusation is coming from. B) How in the world am I out to "get him" I have no idea whom he is. How can I possi
  2. @goood The reason was Mircea stated he was rebuying nades in the middle of rounds. You get 1 set of nades, you aren't supposed to rebuy after the round starts for more nades. So players don't end up with the ability to flash 4 times and throw 2 HE nades. Also Mircea was most likely trying to say "I'll HAVE to ban you" for breaking that rule. Mircea didn't ban anyone in this situation. I am the one that took actions and did the ban.
  3. On September 12th around 12:45 to 1:00 AM CST I was playing in the DD2 server. During this time GizMoe and Mircea were both on CT. Mircea was trying to awp mid and asked GizMoe to stop smoking mid so he could awp. Gizmoe continued to smoke doors the entire time, it seems to annoy him. Either way, I have no problem with this. What I do have a problem with is the following, Mircea informed giz to stop rebuying nades. I cannot confirm if Giz did rebuy nades to continue to smoke mid or not. I wasn't recording and there is no confirmation of it, however it is an unspoken rule that you don'
  4. What started as just me wanting to get a clip of knifing @oldgamerOG turned into a fun little montage. All the clips were today on September 4th. I hope you enjoy! @shado @Hemo @Mero @Daniel @Red_DragoN 9-4.mp4
  5. @Daniel Just wanted to bump this thread.
  6. DefofChaos


    You can use them here. https://gamerclub.net/forum/shop/
  7. Here is a shorter clip of just the knife instead of the entire round Goood's reaction is just too gold to take out of the clip and makes the entire thing so much more funny. Than the fact that he goes and knifes someone in the head afterwards as Vader in rage makes it icing on the cake. //edit to add gif Counter-Strike_2020-03-05_12-26-20_Trim_Trim.mp4
  8. http://www.mediafire.com/file/53kykc0xvwr6m6m/Counter-Strike_2020-03-05_12-26-20.mp4/file That round in its entire glory. I think the whole round was hilarious not just the knife, so I decide it to make it a bit longer. Still working on the gif as well as a shorter video clip to come.
  9. @JihadHey man hit me up on steam at DefofChaos and I'll get you the gift card. For EVERYONE ELSE. This is still open. Since the model that got knifed isn't Big Smoke's model it isn't what I am looking for. So there still is another $25.00 steam gift card bounty on Daniel's head.
  10. It would still be dust2 just with a limited weapon for 1 hour. Fun server doesn't have de_dust2 in its rotation, and also its a good cross promotion to that server. As well why would free AR weapons help anyone in the d2 server? Everyone gets 16k money so they can just buy those items anyway.
  11. Do we have VIP for d2? I know we have for classic, but I am not aware of any VIP we have for d2. Looking at the store, it doesn't look like we have a VIP for D2. Maybe we should look into that as well. //Green chat access //VIP prefix //Double EXP for levels //5 hp per kill 10 hp per HS
  12. Yea I know but I wanted more of an open forum discussion rather than just choices
  13. Welcome n00b, glad to see you on the forums!
  14. I know that we have the fun server, but doing the same old dust2 over and over can get kinda boring for some people. I would like to take a poll and see what you guys think of this idea. I was thinking Thursdays for 1 hour that day, maybe 7 or 8 PM EST, we can do an hour of a certain mode. Such as Deagle only, scouts only, knife only, etc for just that one hour. Something different that could draw people in for that hour. At the same time, if it takes off and people are enjoying it, it could help cross-promote the fun server. I.E, we can say "if you enjoyed this game mode check out o
  15. @GoOoD Not a screenshot, I want a demo so I can make a gif of the knifing.
  16. I am putting an official bounty on Big Smoke aka @Daniel. First person to give me a demo of knifing Big Smoke wins a $25.00 steam gift card. He can't be afk and has to be actually playing.
  17. Thanks in advance to everyone. Hopefully we will make all the servers in GC a fun and exciting place to play in.
  18. Its just a pet peeve of mine of people planting B before it goes to 5 v 5. In small games, it slows down the pace of the game and the flow. I know we have a B lockdown when there is only one CT, but can we expand this to at least 4 or 5?
  19. Name: DefofChaos STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:14232024 Proof (of the ammo pack amount you have *screenshot*): 1,047,125 *CONFIRMED*
  20. 1) An impromptu witch trial. 2) The last moments of a Dragon round.
  21. Wanted to share 2 funny pictures of some ZP fun. First is a box door wall, made by @The Girl and myself. The 2nd is a survivor round that took place, quite a scene to get to late.
  22. "cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, " - Jake Peralta
  23. This is just a personal thing for me, but just wanted to still throw it out there. I think AWPs should be restricted until there is atleast a 5v5 situation. I think using the AWP in like a 2v2 or 2v3 or something similar in that manner is just in poor taste. It makes people camp even more in small games when trying to fill the server. There is nothing more frustrating than dying across the map at the start of a round and having to watch campers for 2 minutes for the round to end. Atleast in a bigger match more people are inclined to rush since the have the mentality that someone has t
  24. DefofChaos


    Due to no collision if you stand ontop of a person that is planting the bomb, you will get stuck inside the bomb and unable to move.
  25. I should mention that mireca told me about the website and to join
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