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  1. Jihad

    Joe Im sorry !

    it's actually good dude XD LMFAO !
  2. Jihad

    Pug Maps

    these are the current maps of pug feel free to suggest any map. de_dust2 de_inferno de_nuke de_train de_tuscan de_mirage de_russka
  3. Jihad

    Pug Suggestion

    if you have any suggestion to make our pug server better. you can either talk to me or post here with the suggestions benefits.
  4. Jihad

    Pug Rules

    Server Rules : 1-Any Type Of Racism Leads To Instant Ban , Unless It's an acceptable joke. 2-During The Match Leaving is Not Allowed Unless It's One Of The First Three Rounds and Bringing Someone Else To Handover. 3-Respect Is Needed Specially in This Mode so Give Respect To Earn it. 4-Take Care Of Your Steam , It's Your Responsibility If You Are Banned For Cheats And You Claimed It's Your Brother Etc .. Stay Aware Of That. 5-English Is Preferred in Here To Communicate Better. 6-Respect The Admin's Decisions And If You Don't Like It You Can Report Them. 7-If The Admin Asked You To Post Your Demo/Screenshots And You Refused You Will be Consider As A Cheater And Going To Get Permanent Ban . IN A SIMPLE WAY IF YOU TRY TO FUCK AROUND , RUIN THE PUG MATCH OR MAKE DRAMATIC SITUATION YOU GONNA GET BANNED FOR YEARS. ==================================================================================================================== FOR Admins , in order to get accepted it depends on your attitude , a real vouch by the players , not like he deserve to be an admin or some bullshit it's either a good convincing vouch or nothing.